Kevin Snorf is a martial artist, coach, yogi, acrobat and adult development specialist focused on how to alleviate suffering, promote enlivenment, and how to optimize the vehicle of the body to help leaders create contributions on a world-centric scale. Said more simply and metaphorically, his calling and passion is to be a Jedi for the Planet and to train others do the same. Learn more…


Kevin is an Integral Master Coach who has taught and trained for Integral Coaching Canada around the world and worked with clients of every spectrum from global change leaders, to celebrities, to executives, and athletes. Most of his clients are men who have lost their way and are looking for what’s next and how to level up in their pursuit of calling and purpose. Learn more about working with Kevin…


Join me for free online yoga classes to build resilience in the face of trying times and learn a way to grow yourself toward being more fulfilled and giving your gifts and enlivenment to the world more fully. I’ve taught over 16,000 hours of Warrior Yoga to athletes, martial artists, students and at-risk kids for almost two decades.

The classes are a challenging movement meditation flow style class that is rooted in the teachings of the martial arts to help people grow their inner Warrior and embrace the struggles life hands us as opportunities for becoming the humans we long for. 


If you’d like to have a free meditation practice once a week with me, signup below. The focus is on generating more “re-mindfulness” of who you want to be, breathing practices, deep listening, and grappling with a variety of inner states.

My influences are Dzogchen, Zen, Mindfulness training, Pranayama, and Warrior teachings from my Sensei who crafted a unique meditative approach for martial artists.