“To be Jedi is to face the truth, and choose. Give off light, or darkness, Padawan. Be a candle, or the night.” – Yoda

Recognized as a global leader in Integral Coaching®, Kevin has served hundreds of clients in over thirty countries across six continents. Kevin served as faculty and Director of Training and Development as an Integral Master Coach™ for Integral Coaching Canada. He is also a certified Warrior Yoga Instructor, Acroyoga Instructor, a Brazillan Jiujitsu Brown Belt, and Quantum Jujitsu Black Belt

For 16 years Kevin taught Warrior Yoga and Quantum Jujitsu to students at the University of California Santa Cruz. He specializes in working with university athletes as well as at-risk youth in the school systems. Kevin has a varied background with a Masters in Psychology, a deep spiritual and meditative practice, a prior business in ecological design, and a rich teaching history. His involvement with the intellectual “Integral” movement and Ken Wilber’s work helps him pull from a rich tapestry of various traditions to include the best of a diverse and complex background in adult development. His life long quest for depth, insight, and development is contrasted with more mundane interests like competing in Jiu Jitsu, an affinity for professional hockey, and hunting down the latest foodie find or a new favorite Pinot Noir or IPA. 

Kevin has lived and breathed the Warrior path for 15 years and loves nothing more than helping other people find their inner Warrior. While not always easy for students and clients, by showing them how facing struggle and discomfort liberates energy, people walk away empowered, more free, and more fulfilled. They find themselves making more of an effective contribution to themselves and others and standing out in a way that leaves a legacy behind. Overall, he is fascinated by the irony he sees daily – that by facing struggle and befriending it, it reduces suffering for everyone. Ultimately a Warrior fights for peace and this paradox is what inspires Kevin’s own journey and others.

His coaching approach seeks to bridge the gap for people between where they are and where they want to be in their lives in a way that is challenging, supportive and enlivening for clients. Kevin likes working with people who are called to make big changes in the world, folks interested in purpose work and finding their “calling”, men’s work, and leadership issues for business executives and professionals.

Regardless if you are looking for personal development; working within business or tech to get the edge; someone stuck in a difficult relationship; or someone just wanting to make sense of the world and find their calling – Kevin promotes you to take the deep dive into what your life and way of being is about.

Pro-athletes, techies, entrepreneurs, geeks, teachers, CEOs, CFOs, CSOs, all the other O’s, engineers, professionals, officers, models, lawyers, solar experts, yoga instructors, authors, manufacturers, fathers, mothers, NGOs, counselors, managers, doctors, coaches, students, professors, executives, wilderness pioneers, recording artists, film producers, fighters, gurus, leaders, eco-designers, and many others, all agree…

…in working with Kevin,
you get the Warrior Edge to cut through what’s in the way and find the life you imagine.