Master Coach

I’m the guy you call when
comfort gets uncomfortable,
the good life isn’t good enough, and
having more feels like less.


I help autonomous, solution-centric, professionals & athletes who want to gain an edge by going from good to great. You know how people can get stuck in a rut of familiarity, comfort, habit and feel depleted and disconnected from what deeply matters in life? … even when they have it good? I help people find what’s calling them forward, and  get to the juicy stuff that makes life worth living! In the process, they overcome stress and fears, get healthier and more energized bodies, find greater wealth, and get more connection and support with the people around them.

Everyone has something they want to change. But it’s amazing how hard it can be to make a lasting change. It’s also staggering how many of us are willing to settle for mediocrity and personal suffering in our life, when so much more is available to us.

In our hearts we believe something better is possible, but fear, doubt, worry and habit hold us short of our potential. How do we break through? So many books, teachers, friends, mentors promise us this. But who is actually getting results? I began to wonder what it takes to actually make change for a human being, for myself even. In 15 years of study and seeking I found my answers in Integral Coaching®. You can too.

What’s calling you?

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Kevin Snorf
Certified Integral Master Coach™
Faculty for Integral Coaching Canada