The Warrior Path Online Training

Train at home with weekly classes straight from the Santa Cruz dojo! Subscribe today and you get a weekly Warrior Yoga HD video filmed live at Warrior Yoga and Quantum Jujitsu Headquarters. Other video content will include: meditation, yoga, self-defense, Warrior philosophy, health, coaching, lifestyle, and more. As the content grows, you will have access to all the videos. Since we’re just starting, the quality of production is not professional grade, but the sounds is great and the video itself is HD.

Once you signup using the Pay Pal button below and I’ll send you a password to access a site that has all the videos on it. You click play and can either join the Warrior Yoga class in your living room. Warrior Yoga has been a staple for many UCSC students for years and people consistently say they’ve never seen anything as beneficial.

The first 50 people that sign up get the introductory rate of $20/ month! But the price is going up soon. Better yet, you’ll have that rate for life as long as you stay subscribed. I’m offering a discounted rate because I want real-time feedback for some early adopters – so please count on helping me work the bugs out. You can cancel anytime, but you’re not going to want to because the archive of content is just going to keep growing as time goes on! If you’re not happy after the first 30 days, I’ll refund your money so there’s no harm in trying it out.

More info HERE. Interested? Check out a sample clip of Warrior Yoga or watch a video about The Warrior Path here


Warrior Yoga


5 Steps of a Warrior

The 5 Steps of a Warrior is an extremely helpful process for overcoming obstacles in your life and creating new freedom and power. Each week is a different step:

Week 1: Purification and how to eliminate the obstacles holding you back in your yoga, your life, career, relationships, etc.
Week 2: Illumination and how to find those moments of insight that help you know with certainty how to move forward
Week 3: Manifestation and how to manifest and create the life you want actively so that you can find greater…
Week 4: Liberation from the constraints of a unfullfilling life leaves one more free to enjoy the life you want
Week 5: Union – The ultimate goal of yoga. How to find it live it, be it, and savor it.

Each class will start with a lecture 30 minute explaining the topic of the day and how it relates to the 5 steps. Then the physical part of the one hour yoga class will link up to the step we’re on and help embody the concept.




Quantum Jujitsu – Self-Defense chokes for the Street

When learning to defend yourself on the street, Chokes and Strangles are one of the best way to diffuse a situation with minimum harm. Learn 10+ chokes you can use on a standing opponent. While this doesn’t even come close to covering our whole self-defense system, it’s a great “add” for those who know our “fence” system, those who have trained some grappling, or even those wanting to learn. You’ll learn 10+ chokes that can end a situation quickly and effortlessly and how to use an opponent’s clothing (jacket, shirt, sweatshirt, tank) as a modified “gi choke”. I’ve never taught this in any class before and am excited to release it here.



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