Quantum Jujitsu

KickboxQuantum Jujitsu is a unique, integrative, Mixed Martial Arts discipline; pulling from Kickboxing, Judo, Wrestling, Ground Fighting, Grappling, Ultimate Fighting, Assault Prevention, and Street Fighting. QJ promotes the development of a complete martial artist that is well versed in many styles of combat to be prepared for Sport or Street application. Sensei (and Black Belt) Kevin emphasizes that techniques must be grounded in realistic, effective movements that are tested in combat and sparring. Students learn yoga, meditation, and even healing techniques to improve their overall ability. Jujitsu (“the gentle art”) is not based on size, but skill and technique. Sensei Kevin teaches by a systems of principles & concepts such as leverage, so that a smaller person can learn to overcome larger opponents. Quantum Jujitsu looks at the “art” in martial art as a metaphor for self-improvement and a way to face challenges in life.

FootSweepAny level or ability is welcome to try!
Relaxed, Fun, Supportive Co-Ed Classes!

Mondays 5-6:30p
Tuesdays 8-10p
Thursdays 8-10p

UC Santa Cruz East Field House – Martial Arts Room

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