Warrior Path

Welcome to “The Warrior Path” – Online Training and Learning to Living the Warrior Way with Purpose, Punch, and Poise.

1) Get fit and in shape       2) Get centered and clear     3) Get going on a life that’s worth fighting for!

I teach about struggle in life and the way to overcome it through the fight to be truly happy. To be human is to struggle. The greatest battles are always on the inside and wow we encounter struggle in life is what makes us a Warrior or not. Struggle can limit us, or it can liberate. By embracing challenge and obstacles as opportunities, Warriors learn to overcome conflict with greater ease and a love for life that is unshakeable.

You know how some folks can start to get emotionally stressed out, self-doubting, anxious, and feel like their life lack purpose and direction? Well I act as a coach and a guide to help people go from “worrier” to Warrior; “The Warrior Path” has a great workout thru Warrior Yoga but also helps people discover what their life is about (Purpose), how to be more practically effective, powerful, and productive at whatever they’re doing (Punch!), and to develop a stronger sense of equanimity and calm while in the “war” that can happen in life (Poise).

What’s included:
  • Weekly posted Warrior Yoga class
  • Practical Warrior Practices to help you better walk the Warrior Path.
  • Monthly Warrior Philosophy conference calls on how to live the Warrior Path in finance, health, relationship, work, etc.
  • “Sensei-time” where you can ask questions directly and interact with other warriors to get guidance.
  • Warrior Coaching, Warrior Adventure Trips, and opportunities to train live in person
  • bonus material – guided meditations, basic martial arts technique, partner stretching, “express” 20 minute yoga quickies, and more…

See cost below AND Click below for a free “teaser” of one of the Warrior Yoga classes… or Email me at kevin@warrioryoga.org if you want to try a full free class!


If you’re not happy after the first 30 days, I’ll refund your money so there’s no harm in trying it out. You can also get a free month if you refer someone. The first 50 people that sign up get the introductory rate of $20/ month! But the price is going up soon. Better yet, you’ll have that rate for life as long as you stay subscribed. I’m offering a discounted rate because I want real-time feedback for some early adopters – so please count on helping me work the bugs out. You can cancel anytime, but you’re not going to want to because the archive of content is just going to keep growing as time goes on! I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to walk The Warrior Path with us! Sign up here: