Warrior Yoga

DSC01084Warrior Yoga is a dynamic form of Yoga that integrates the power and teachings of the martial way into an inspiring movement meditation. The practice is designed to challenge each person at the level that is appropriate for them. Designed originally for martial artists, the classes attract everyone from competitive athletes to execs to dancers, young and old, in shape, out of shape, and those seeking a spiritual path. As a certified Warrior Yoga Instructor  Kevin guides students to see how it is only through struggle that we find strength to reach our true potential; our lives’ obstacles become opportunities for greater freedom, compassion, ease, and growth. Kevin has a learn by doing style with physical movements that focus equally on balance, strength, flexibility, and breath. He is passionate that yoga not be just about
the body, but about building the presence, body, mind, heart, spirit
and relations of a Warrior.

DCF 1.0

The fight to live more free, alive, and
in love is open to all levels.

First Class is free to try.

Monday 6:30-8:00pm
Tuesday 6-7:30pm
Thursday 6-7:30pm

UC Santa Cruz East Field House – Martial Arts Room

Kevin@warrioryoga.org for more info
Check out www.warrioryoga.org
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DSC02541AcroYoga Instructor

Acroyoga is a unique blend of Partner Yoga, Partner Acrobatics, and Thai Massage. Students learn basic principles of acrobatics, partner stretching, community dynamics in yoga, communication, spotting, and “flying” techniques. Kevin appreciates that acroyoga helps students get off their own mat, out of the individualistic approach to yoga, and learn the art of relationship and intimacy through yoga principles – trust, community, play, and groundedness.